Using IT as the vehicle to reach high paying jobs requires technical education, multiple certifications, and often a technical degree. What this means for a transitioning veteran (or spouse) is that Electronic Assembly is used as a vehicle to get started. Once started, use the knowledge gained to establish an education plan to plot a course to higher paying jobs.

VANC Sponsored Education — GI Bill Benefits used wisely

VANC has worked with MiraCosta College to produce the low cost ($300) Electronic Assembler class. We offer this class at night so that the veteran or spouse can take the class before transition. The idea behind VANC sponsored education is that the veteran starts transition to a civilian career without accessing GI Bill benefits. The veteran has a job, gains immediate experience, and can use this experience to map out a career path. The veteran can then use the GI Bill to achieve advancement in their chosen career path through further education. Thus the veteran creates the following sequence and uses the GI Bill benefits wisely:

  • Has a job lined up as the veteran leaves the service
  • Gains experience and uses that experience to formulate a job progression
  • Works with colleges such as MiraCosta to formulate an education plan to support job progression goals
  • Uses the GI Bill benefits to make the education plan a reality

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