Military In Transition Firefighter For A Day




Supporting Veterans seeking firefighter and EMS careers by elevating awareness and streamlining the education process to gain full employment.


Through servant leadership, serve active duty veterans transitioning to emergency services/firefighter career.  We simplify the path and exposure to the necessary educational vehicles via Palomar College.  Accelerate transitioning veterans educational preparation to gain employment as a firefighter in California and other states. This program benefits not just the military member, but the communities they will eventually serve.


  • Serve active duty service members separating from the military (retiring, end of service commitment, etc) by providing prominent and meaningful connections to the fire services by way of complex firefighter team building activities; demonstrate camaraderie can exist beyond the services
  • Build a cohesive team through San Diego Fire Department Firefighters, their expertise, and their facilities by conducting a variety of firefighter related activities creating strong bonds of familiarity, shared purpose, and a positive learning/sharing environment
  • Expose MIT’s to a day in the life of a firefighter via simulation and hands on experiences
  • Share resources and education available to MIT’s at Palomar College in San Marcos and on Camp Pendleton annex, via E4 Evolution
  • Expand enrollment at Palomar College in the fire sciences department.  Introduce and foster long term relationships.  Follow up with event participants to track and evaluate the effectiveness of relationships established in the program


  • Partnership and 501(c)(3) status via the Veterans Association of North County (VANC)
  • Steady stream of transitioning servicemembers interested in taking part in the program and beginning careers in fire fighting, EMS, and other public service positions
  • Over two years of experience running the program in Oceanside, CA
  • Committed team members dedicated to the mission and goals of MITFFAD including Retired Fire Chief Darryl Hebert, formerly of the Oceanside Fire Department
  • The Palomar Fire Training Center as a committed venue, and the support of Palomar College for our program


Phone: (619) 356-1745


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