Veterans Association of North County (VANC) has worked diligently to provide a location for veterans and their families to congregate and receive needed social services and resources without having to travel to San Diego or Long Beach – a logistical and financial burden for many of our veterans and their families.  We completed the last of the construction on January 2015, and have become a “home” to more than 30 veteran organizations. Our next task is to create sustainable sources of income to maintain the building, property, programs, and projects. We have opened the doors of the VANC Resource Center, and we ask for your assistance in sustaining it.


“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”

— Cynthia Ozick


We appreciate your interest in VANC and look forward to your support and partnership in maintaining the VANC Resource Center.  Together, we can serve the veterans and their families in our community. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you or your organization and answer any questions about our project and the services we provide. We appreciate invitations to be guest speakers at your events. For more information call (760) 722-1277.